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Achieve Your Financial Goals


"Every financial worry you want to banish and financial dream you want to achieve comes from taking tiny steps today that put you on a path toward your goals."

The Four Pillars of FinRock

FinRock is built around four core activities that work together to provide better financial stability, accessibility and security

Manage Credit

FinRock Credit Assist helps you gain the credit you deserve. Unlike credit repair companies we never charge for updating or correcting errors on your credit bureau reports

Manage Assets

FinRock Asset complies all your property together in one app protecting it against theft or loss while ensuring it matches your insurance, preventing ghost assets and reducing cost

Manage Finance

FinRock Fund combines advanced analysis of your circumstance to present the best finance options and provide additional data to help thin or no credit file applicants

Manage Insurance

FinRock Protect joins your assets and insurance environments to seamlessly assess your coverage, needs, specified items and policy limits while reducing risk

A suite of tools at your disposal

At FinRock we work to protect people, property, and prosperity. We work to make the world a safer, accessible, more equitable place.

FinRock Credit Assist

Get the credit you deserve for free

With FinRock Credit Assist you never need to pay for credit repair. The only thing you need to spend on is your credit reports linked to FinRock from the 3 major credit bureaus. The rest is on us! 


We all lose things from time to time. Find your item for free, anywhere, anytime.

With the FinRock network of partners, locate your lost items anywhere and even have them returned to you by our logistics partners Sendle and Uber



FinRock Asset Management

Property inventory, protection, and audit.

Protection of the things you love simplified! Build your personal inventory, retrieve found stolen or lost property, see your exposure to uninsured good,s and transfer ownership of important assets in a single app.

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